New Photographs from the Connecticut Historical Society

Visitors to the library may have noticed the huge new photographs hanging on our walls. These photographs come to us from the Connecticut Historical Society. They depict scenes of the Connecticut River in days long passed, ranging in vintage from the late 19th century up to the 1940s. It’s interesting to see how different the view out of our windows would have been a few decades ago. Below I’ve included one of the photographs along with a short description. You can read similar descriptions about all of the photographs the next time you visit the library.


Ferry crossing at Hartford, 1895

Connecticut Historical Society collection

Ferries were used to cross the Connecticut River as early as the 1600s. In this photograph, two steam ferries provide transportation across the river between Hartford and East Hartford. The F.C. Fowler is docked on the Hartford side, while another ferry crosses towards East Hartford. These ferries were used to shuttle traffic across the river after the “Old Toll Bridge,” a covered bridge built in 1818, burned on May 17, 1895. It was eventually replaced by the Bulkeley Bridge in 1908.