Points of View Debate Blog

I hope you all know about the new Points of View Debate Blog, a valuable online tool that students and faculty can access free of charge. You can also access the blog directly from the Points of View Reference Center in the “Spotlight” section. The blog is an excellent place for students to formulate intelligent opinions, exchange views with other students, keep pace with current events, and hone their persuasive writing skills. It is useful for a wide range of subjects and covers many cross-curricular topics (295 specific topics total). Each month, the blog moderator will choose a new debate topic based on current events in the news, and then regularly post related blog entries discussing different facets of the subject, and promoting comments from students.

Points of View Debate Blog seems like an excellent way to use our Points of View Reference Center, and motivate students to follow the news, learn critical thinking skills, and improve their writing. It could work well as a bonus project or a homework assignment. All comments are reviewed by the blog moderator before appearing on the blog website. I like that the blog encourages students to write thoughtful responses, not superficial comments. It looks like a very valuable resource that could be useful for a wide range of classes, especially those using social media assignments.