Women’s History Month

2015 Theme

March is National Women’s History Month and we’re celebrating at the Hoffman Family Library by collecting the stories from the Goodwin community about inspirational women in our lives.

Accounts of the lives of individual women are critically important because they reveal exceptionally strong role models who share a more expansive vision of what a woman can do. The stories of women’s lives, and the choices they made, encourage girls and young women to think larger and bolder, and give boys and men a fuller understanding of the female experience. Knowing women’s achievements challenges stereotypes and upends social assumptions about who women are and what women can accomplish today.

There is a real power in hearing women’s stories, both personally and in a larger context. Remembering and recounting tales of our ancestors’ talents, sacrifices, and commitments inspires today’s generations and opens the way to the future.

(National Women’s History Project. www.nwhp.org.)

Come to the library or email GoodwinLibraryPersonnel@goodwin.edu to add your story.