Over the weekend, the 1000th articles was downloaded from DigitalCommons@Goodwin. We’re all pretty excited about it. When we went live back in September, we hoped that we would reach this milestone in a year. Now we’ve done it with five months to spare.

What can DC@G do for you? We’ll let Dr. Randy Laist, Associate Professor of English, answer that (emphasis added):

Two weeks ago, I posted a white paper written by one of my students to Digital Commons. Within a week, the readership tracking tool on Digital Commons revealed that the student’s paper had been downloaded in the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Pakistan, Suriname, and a dozen other locations around the globe. It is difficult to imagine a more effective demonstration of the power that writing can have in the twenty-first century. By allowing classroom instructors to make exceptional student writing available on the Internet, Digital Commons provides a direct pipeline from the classroom to the global marketplace of ideas. Students are impressed, challenged, and motivated by the kinds of opportunities that Digital Commons provides for disseminating their ideas.

Anyone from the Goodwin College community can contribute to DC@G! To learn more about how you can get involved, email digitalcommons@goodwin.edu or stop in the Hoffman Family Library.