“God Help the Child” – Good(win) Reads Review

“God Help the Child: A Novel” by Toni Morrison

Toni Morrison weaves a story from the experiences of Bride. Bride’s story vividly shares her reality about subtle and controversial issues that continue to exist in society.

Bride tells her story from her childhood into adulthood. She is celebrated for the very attributes that she was abused. The other characters, Sweetness, Brooklyn, Sofia, and Rain share their narrative with Bride’s to describe the influence and intersection on her relationships, regrets, and future.

As Bride shares, “The hardest part of healing is the memories”.

I would recommend “God Help the Child: A Novel” to anyone that has a past with folks that are a part of their past, present, and future.

– Leslie J. Harris (Ed.D., MSN, BA, RN, Assistant Professor RN-BSN Program), member of the Library Advocacy Committee